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With Blockroll, Effortlessly Process Payroll, Accept Global Gig Payments, and Connect with Top Talent Worldwide.

Use Case

Ever wondered how freelancers are transforming the way they receive payments? Dive into this freelancer's Blockroll experience to find out.

Meet Aisha

In the world of freelance gigs, getting paid seamlessly can often be a nightmare. Freelancers like Aisha face the constant challenge of managing payments efficiently, juggling between multiple platforms and currencies.

The hassle of navigating through different payment methods often leads to delays, confusion, and lost opportunities.

How it works
Value Transfer Redefined

See how Blockroll empowers businesses and remote workers to handle payroll intricacies, manage compensations and foster global collaborations with ease.

Unlock Limitless Possibilities

Explore Blockroll's Innovative Features for Effortless Cross-Border Payments, Smart Invoicing, and Much More.

Cross-Border Payments

Seamlessly Send and Accept Payments Worldwide. Unlock Multicurrency Options, Including Naira and US Dollar, Alongside Digital Assets. Tailored for Effortless Global Gig Payments.

Single Payment

Instantly Send Fiat or Digital Asset Payments to Anyone, Whether They're Blockroll Users or Not.

Batch Payment

Pay Thousands of Team Members Instantly, in Fiat or Digital Assets.

Virtual Debit Card

Introducing the Blockroll Virtual Card, Also Known as the Limitless Card. A USD Card with 100% Uptime, Accepted Worldwide Where Visa is Recognized. Hold Up to $100k, Perform Transactions Up to $10k Instantly, and Enjoy 3 Years of Uninterrupted Convenience.

Go Borderless
Your Passport to Financial Freedom

Experience Financial Tools with Real Convenience Powered by Blockroll.

Multi-currency Wallet

Blockroll's Multi-currency Wallet Offers a Flexible Haven for Your Fiat and Digital Assets. Sign up, Complete KYC, and Access Your Free Blockroll Wallet Instantly. Receive Fiat and Stablecoin Transactions Effortlessly. Top Up, Convert Currencies, and Transfer Funds Seamlessly. Plus, Enjoy the Convenience of a Naira Wallet with an NDIC-Insured Bank Account for Nationwide Transactions.

FX Converter

Seamlessly Convert Between Supported Currencies at the Best Rates with Blockroll.

Live Expense Analytics

Monitor Your Money Inflow and Outflow in Real-time with Blockroll's Live Expense Analytics.


Easily create and securely send standard invoices to anyone, anywhere, using fiat or digital assets. Receive payments directly into your virtual wallet and manage all invoices through our user-friendly interface.

Address Book

Organize payment details for teams or batch payment recipients into streamlined groups.

Referral Program

Earn redeemable points by referring your friends and family to Blockroll.

Enhanced Security

Blockroll Enforces Top-Tier Measures including Tokenization, Encryption, Liveness KYC, and More to Safeguard User Data, Assets, and Transactions. Virtual Cards and Wallets Comply with Industry Standards, and Funds are Securely Stored in NDIC-Insured Banking Partners in Nigeria.

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